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What is dehydrated skin?

Let’s chat dehydrated skin today. It’s Winter here in South Australia and I for one always notice a feeling of dryness and dehydration to my skin when Winter rolls around.

People often think if they have Dry Skin then they will automatically have Dehydrated Skin. While this can of course be possible, it is also possible to have Dry Skin and not have Dehydrated Skin. In fact people with acne, combination, oily skin can be dehydrated . Read on to find out what dehydrated skin is, the causes, how to tell if yours is and what you can do to fix it.

When discussing skin you will hear the terms Skin Types and Skin Conditions be used.

Skin Types There are 4 main skin types being Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin and Dry Skin. Skin types can however change over the years and you can be a combination of skin types at times but will always be predominately one Skin Type.

Skin Conditions. Today we are discussing Dehydrated Skin and this is a Skin Condition. Skin Conditions happen due to a multitude of reasons; such as sun damage, environmental causes, weather changes, stress, lifestyle choices, medications, hormones, unsuitable product choices to name a few. Some other Skin Conditions are things like acne, blemishes, inflammation, pigmentation, premature ageing or more chronic Skin Conditions can be conditions such as rosacea , psoriasis, eczema.

Back to Dehydrated Skin…

What does Dehydrated Skin look like? So ultimately dehydrated skin will indicate your skin is lacking water and this shows in the top layer of the skin with symptoms like uneven skin tone, more noticeable fine lines, deeper wrinkling, dull appearance, lack lustre, feels dry, possibly areas of itchy skin, scaly appearance, thickness and/or shadowing areas of the face.

How does skin become Dehydrated? The causes of dehydrated skin can be more than simply lacking in moisture or water. It can be caused by weather changes (seasonal changes), poor lifestyle habits (too much alcohol, caffeine, drugs), unhealthy diet (not enough fresh produce), toxic makeup, incorrect products used for your skin type, unhealthy gut (poor digestion). These factors can deplete the skin of moisture and lead to dehydrated skin. Other possible causes can include prolonged exposure to the sun, cold wind, air conditioning and heating, all of which can cause moisture to evaporate from the skin.

How to fix dehydrated skin? Thankfully dehydrated skin is temporary and you can improve it with a combination of good product choices and some healthy lifestyle changes.

Healthy skincare product choice is one of the keys to healthy, hydrated skin.

Skincare Product Choices – be sure to be using the correct products for your Skin Type and Skin Condition. Cleansing, toning an moisturising are the 3 steps in any basic skincare regime for healthy, happy skin. Including a weekly mask to boost nutrients to your skin is a great move. Exfoliating dead skin cells using a gentle facial scrub 2-3 times a week is ideal. Including a face serum to use in-conjunction with your nightly moisturiser is another excellent addition to restore and revive dehydrated skin.

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Pink Clay Scrub, Organic Eye Cream.

Lifestyle Choices – what you DO every day will depend on how your skin looks. The DO includes several things, such as…..what we are eating, what we are drinking, how much rest we are getting, what exercise we are doing etc etc. If you want to boost hydration back into your skin I recommend cutting back on caffeine (1-2 coffees a day), swapping coffee for herbal teas, reducing alcohol intake, eating plenty of juicy fruits and nutritious veggies, consuming a minimum of 2litres of water a day, getting adequate rest and making time for self care.

Fresh juicy fruits are an excellent way to inject hydration to Dehydrated Skin with the added bonus of vital nutrients and vitamins nourishing and replenishing your skin cells.

When will I see changes? Skin cell turnover is generally around 40 days or so, therefore it is unrealistic to expect to see changes overnight. Stick to your daily healthy skincare routine (products and lifestyle choices) for at least a couple of months and you’ll start to notice more healthy glow return to your skin.

Unsure which products to choose/use? What foods to incorporate to restore hydration? Feel free to reach out, I am more than happy to help you.

Thanks so much for reading, until next time.

Michelle x x