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Stepping back into the World


Prefer to listen rather than read? Click on the link above to hear what’s been going on for me and my business these past few months.

I have found this time to be so reflective, lots of self inquiry, looking at the bigger picture, the connectedness of it all.
We’re venturing out of isolation, gradually returning back into the world, the world we collectively share that is outside of our homes.
Does your world look different or is it the same to what it was a few months ago?
I have laid very low of late, and continue to do so during this chapter in our history. I’ve observed from a distance, have done what I can, took in the necessary info, contributed how I can best, stayed grounded, educate myself, approach it all from a space of consciousness.

Where is my business heading?

On a micro level of little ol me I’ve thought a lot about my business. What now? How can I best serve in my lifetime?
For some time now I’ve had a desire to pivot my business. I love the making and creating but I simply do not have the energetic capacity to create products on a large scale, don’t do the hustle or typical marketing approach.  Nope, it’s not in my design to have an unlimited supply of energy on tap like that and I am honoring that.
Some people do have untapped energy levels.
They thrive and flourish on it.  I know that I do not. Doing that is going to lead me right down the road straight to burn out.
I’ve been there before and have no intention of reliving that.
So what do I do? Outsource tasks?
I’ve considered this plenty of times. Outsourcing production, social media etc all of it – but I like to energetically infuse “me” and my vibe into my products, write the words I share with you, it’s just who I am. While outsourcing is amazing and a very smart move I just don’t feel it’s right for my biz. The big ol universe is telling me no on that one.

So, I shall continue to make my beautiful products on the scale that I am and I will happily continue to share them with you online.
That’s not changing.


What about the markets?  This is where I have had much thought.
To be completely honest I have enjoyed not having to do certain elements that are necessary to regular markets.
The markets are great fun, the interaction with customers I love but markets are also a lot of physical work.
I’ve been doing markets for close to 8 years now and am unsure at this point in time if I will return to them.
Online orders work wonderfully and local customers are always welcome to pick up from me at my home studio.

My creative spark is urging me to expand & explore other realms.
So I am following that.  Here’s what I’ve been learning, loving & want to be sharing in coming months.


You all know I love the Moon and her cycles. I’ve been tapping in and embodying the Yin and Yang energies of the Moon for the past 2 years. I am putting together a video series on how to best harness these energies.
Stay tuned for that!
I have thought of forming a Moon cycle circle. A guided journey through the Moon cycles. Let me know if this is something you like the sound of.  Running it online or in person? Thoughts?


This is a biggie! Early this year I discovered Human Design (HD).
Have you heard of it?
In short it is an incredible tool for self inquiry, living true to you soul and helps you understand how you best exchange energy.
For me it has been life changing and I am hooked.
Doing my own personal discovery of self and the inner journey with the experiment that is Living your Design is liberating.
I am keen to share more of this as it unfolds.  HD is like a toolbox of trinkets leading you to your soul.
It’s been so helpful for me to identify blocks, decondition old beliefs and just generally live in alignment to my true essence.
Human Design is a combination of 4 modalities.
The Chakra system, I Ching, Kabbalah and Astrology. It is a vast, layered system guiding you to the unique map to your soul. It has the ability to offer you practical applications yet is so profound.
An amazing tool to guide you on your path to spiritual growth.


I have begun my Astrology studies and am looking forward to offer introductory chart readings into my business in coming months.
Right now I am offering Reiki sessions, so happy to be doing these!
After researching all about the Chakras during 2018/2019, in October last year I decided to do Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki and am so happy I did.  I now am a Reiki Practitioner and am thrilled to be helping clients balance and align their chakras.

I have always approached beauty and wellness through a holistic lenses. This curiosity has lead me to much exploration and study over the years. I can see the connection between various modalities and how they all have a valuable place in the healing process in the Beauty and Wellness arena.

Reiki and Astrology will be showing up my business more and more and is the direction I am focusing on for now….I can tell it is the beginning of a life long study (astrology & HD).
The personal growth I have already experienced is profound and I look forward to sharing these modalities with my clients and in turn, for the greater good of the planet. It’s all energy.

Thanks so much for being here.
I appreciate your connection.
Michelle x x