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Looking through a lenses of wellness



If you don’t know me I am Michelle, the founder and creator of SEED skincare, the website you are now on. I’ve just decided to do something a little different and load up an audio. I normally write up blog posts and realized I haven’t done one since January when the devastating bush fires ravaged our beautiful land here in Australia and just a few months on here we are in amidst a monumental health crisis that is sweeping our planet.

I just wanted to come on and do some audios of musings, thoughts and snippets of clarity. Guide toward some clarity, connection and strength during this time. So these aren’t going to be edited or perfect. Just going to record as I feel the urge and put them up to share and for them to be received, absorbed and enjoyed.

So at the moment I’ve been thinking about the duality of Life.

I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. That is sometimes hard to understand and accept at times when bad things are happening but everything truly does happen for a reason and we are always where we are supposed to be in the moment in time where we are.

Fair to say we are experiencing this in its extreme right now. I do find it reassuring in challenging times to remind myself of this concept that is duality.
There’s always going to be ups and downs, dropping into the good, pushing back, going within to your inner truth and then witnessing the complete opposite in everyday life, then seeking that desired balance in life…….geez, I aware of the sheer magnitude what is unfolding, it will go down in history, this apocalypse, but I am mindful of not overloading myself with too much unnecessary information. Balancing the duality if you like.
There’s lots of good stuff going on in our world, lots of good everywhere and yep, there is the not so good parts.
That right there is the duality that is Life.
Both have their own force and yet both, oddly enough compliment each other. Does not necessarily feel that way, but they are.
One will never completely cancel out the other.
I’m looking at all of this as an opportunity to create a new normal for myself. It’s exciting and also kinda scary….and there’s that duality! 😉
I feel this feeling of like, the time is Now.
It’s a Now or Never kinda energy out there in there in the cosmo and ethers!
This time upon us now, more than ever before, its undeniable that the Earth, the Universe is shaking us up, to look and listen and pay attention. It is a time to serve, to heal, to nurture, to go within and to coexist on this planet we are so blessed to share collectively >>> with so much more awareness and consciousness than we ever had before.
I’m looking at this all through a lense of wellness,
learning lessons along the way and helping.
We’re all in this together.
There is absolutely no separation.
It’s the whole lot of us, together.

That’s kinda nice to know.
From my heart to yours.
Peace ✌
Michelle x x