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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Ageing

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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Ageing

What’s the difference? What do they actually mean?

Ageing is a part of life. Hopefully we all get to live to a ripe old age one day! but lets slow the process of ageing in a beauty sense down as fast and naturally possible as we can! ūüôā The health of your skin is truly dependent on your diet, lifestyle & environment.

There are the physical signs of ageing, things such as; wrinkles, loss of collagen, pigmentation changes, loss of elastin, loss of tone & sagging, loss of hyaluronic acid, thinner skin slower cell turnover, more visible pores, rougher skin, dull complexions due to less blood flow to cells, redness or thread cells, less lipid production, loose skin. The changes I mention here are the typical signs of facial ageing that come with time.  It has been believed over the years that the way we age in terms of how we look, was largely genetic (intrinsic).  However studies on skin health have more recently revealed that it is in fact extrinsic factors (external, lifestyle choices, diet etc) rather than intrinsic (the passing of time) that have a much bigger impact.

So what does this mean?¬† Ultimately, you are what you eat. That age old saying really does hold true. With regard to nutrition and daily diet you are either repairing or tearing cells.¬† The good news!? There are plenty of repairing skin foods that when eaten daily will improve the appearance of you skin and even reverse the visible signs of ageing. Today’s post is just about extrinsic and intrinsic ageing. I’ll do more posts with what foods you can eat to beautify and restore your skin.

What is Extrinsic Ageing?  it is many external factors, diet and lifestyle choices. External factors which impact the health of your skin Рalcohol, soft-drinks, high protein diet, lack of exercise, junk food, processed foods, toxic skincare & makeup, not being sun safe, smoking, not enough water consumption.

You can appreciate just by looking at these external factors above how they contribute to how we age.  What we eat has a very big impact.

Are you eating foods rich in antioxidants? Are you eating raw, natural and colourful fruits and veggies daily – these are the delicious, healthy skin foods your complexion thrives on.

Using natural, antioxidant rich skincare is a great step but eating healthy foods rich in nutrients is another great move and the two combined will deliver exceptional results. The food you eat and liquids you drink are are being absorbed at a cellular level, reflecting directly on our skin and how it ages and also lets not forget that it impacts on how our insides age and feel too.

Taking a preventative approach to anti ageing is wise, completely within our control and gives excellent results. A preventative approach Рby avoiding ageing foods, avoiding  toxins, avoiding synthetic and harmful ingredients.

It’s never too late to start either!¬† Reach for¬†foods rich in antioxidants. Raw, natural and colourful fruits and veggies – these are the skin foods your complexion thrives on.

Intrinsic ageing is not where you focus should rest as it is only  10-15% of ageing. The true ageing culprit is with extrinsic ageing and like I said, this is good news as you have the control  to avoid many of these ageing influences if you choose to do so.

Hope you enjoyed this read about intrinsic and extrinsic ageing.

Until next time,

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