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How to treat blemished skin

How to treat blemished skin? Ongoing spots and blemishes can be so frustrating to deal with. I know, throughout my teenage years and 20s I struggled with blemishes all the time.

Like any skin concern there is often a number of areas to consider and pay attention to in order to get the best results for you. Natural skincare is always the best topical approach to chose when it comes to product choice but there are other areas to consider and things you can apply which can help a lot.

Today we will give you some suggestions surrounding a basic skincare routine for blemished skin and touch on diet and lifestyle choices that contribute to clearing blemished skin. Let’s have a look each of these 3 areas.


A basic daily Skincare Routine is 3 steps – cleanse, tone and moisturise.

This 3 step process is so important when seeking a solution to any skin concern. 1) Cleansing daily to gently yet effectively clear away any dirt, grime, makeup, conjestion on the surface of the skin is crucial. Also putting your head to rest onto a clean pillowcase is important too! be sure you aren’t sleeping on the remains of someone who was too tired to take off their makeup. You hear me 😉 2) Then toning the skin to balance and prep it for the application of a nourishing moisturiser. 3) Moisturise daily, this will help to balance, soothe, calm and restore the skin. It may seem these 3 steps are time consuming but once you start doing them it will just be another nightly routine you do without even thinking twice about it, just like brushing your teeth!

A daily skincare routine using the correct products is an important step to the success of clearing your skin. Other steps to incorporate into your skincare routine is using an facial scrub/exfoliant 2-3 times a week and also a weekly mask helps a lot.

For your everyday Skincare Routine we recommend our Lilly Pilly pack.

It contains the Lilly Pilly Gel Cleanser which deeply cleanses and purifies. Alcohol free Witch-hazel which helps to naturally balance and tone the skin and our our Lilly Pilly Lotion is antioxidant rich and helps to soothe, clear and calm the skin. Infused with Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils and antioxidant rich Lilly Pilly extract. These products are gentle yet very effective for those experiencing concerns of acne, blemishes and conjestion.

lilly pilly skincare pack
Skincare routine for normal to blemished, acne prone, conjested skin.
Lilly Pilly Gel Cleanser, Alcohol Free Witch-hazel, Lilly Pilly Face Lotion


We are indeed what we eat, there is no doubt about that. Everything starts from within.

Our daily food and drink intake has a very big impact on the health, wellness and appearance of our skin. If we are seeking change to our skin we really need to look at this area and be completely honest with ourselves here. Consider making changes if necessary. When we look at what we are consuming and putting into our bodies with conscious awareness we naturally become more truthful to our self and with this truth it helps to make a much more mindful choice about what we choose to fuel our bodies with.

Foods and drinks which are not conducive to healthy skin are: processed foods, fast foods, refined sugars, an unbalanced diet which is heavy in protein and carbs, saturated fats, dairy, excessive alcohol, caffeine. Definitely look at cutting back or better still, removing these from your diet for at least one month. Ideally 3 months is even better.

The skin naturally turns over cells through a process called desquamation. Every 28-40 days (on average) a new cell is “born” in the base layer of the skin and then as the weeks pass these cells travel up through the skin layers. Finally reaching the outer most layer and in due course “desquamating”. Another reason why a good natural skincare routine is advisable, it will assist with this cellular turnover and to care for the skin as healthily as possible.

Knowing the cell turnover process this naturally leads us to be mindful about what we decide to feed our new skin cells in the making. As we age cell turnover declines and therefore it’s even more important to encourage a healthy cell turnover with a good nutrition as this plays a major part of this process.

Things we can be eating in abundance for healthy skin is a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy natural fats, grains, unprocessed foods. Get back to the basics and mother earth foods as much as possible. Reduce dairy and red meat for a while if you can. These foods have been linked to hormone disruption and blemishes are often connected to hormone imbalance.

Eliminate soft drinks, energy drinks and refined sugary processed drinks altogether, they offer no nutritional benefits to the body whatsoever. Reduce alcohol and caffeine if you know you have excess of these. Again, be honest with yourself here. Find a healthy replacement such as herbal teas, simple plain water, experiment with smoothies or fresh juices. So many alternatives! Have fun with it and try new delicious things.

beauty foods
Delicious fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, good old plain water, invigorating or calming herbal teas, cacao or maca are great beverage alternatives.


When I talk about Lifestyle this word can be defined differently by many people. When I refer to Lifestyle I am referring to the day to day choices we make which in turn result in the way we end up living our life. Things like routine, work, sleep, exercise, environmental impacts, self care rituals, family and friendships, recreation – all have an impact on our mind, body and soul. Some contribute in a positive, healthy way and others, not so good.

Consider this…..and this goes for any skin concern. Whether it be acne, sensitivities, premature ageing, dry skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, it does a very big job for us. At its core it is an organ of protection, regulation and sensation. It protects us from the elements, it regulates body temperature, it eliminates sweat and toxins and it allows us sensation. Our skin is very good at letting us know when something is out of alignment. Listen and trust yourself and your body and use changes you observe, feel or experience to embrace shifts within that will propel you forward in the direction of a healthy, happy you.

Our skin is our largest organ, it does a very big job for us.
Tune in and listen and learn to trust and embrace the messages your body sends you.
While it may not seem like it at the time, physical signs and changes are often
good indicators for us that something is out of alignment.

Our cells deserve good nutrition and adequate rest in order to rejuvenate and in turn function at their best for us. Immersing our mind, body and soul into activities and interactions that give us inner joy, harmony and personal growth. That is healthy and nurturing. Moving our bodies regularly to maintain good physical strength, healthy circulation so our body functions well. That is necessary. Spending time in nature, connecting with country. That is healing. Scheduling time for self to stay connected to our truth and be living our true identity. That is your truth.

I hope this helps you. I am here and more than happy to discuss your skins needs further. Please feel free to contact me if you feel inclined to do so. Thanks so much for reading.

Until next time,
Honor your Truth within you.
Michelle x x