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Homemade Washing Powder

Homemade Washing Powder

I have been wanting to make my own washing powder for so long and last week, I finally got around to it!

It really is a great feeling making and using your very own cleaning products and making your own washing powder is one that will not only save you cash but is so good to use because it doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances (unless you add them, but you won’t 🙂 ) The clothes come out brighter and cleaner.  I really love this stuff.

The fist pump went up in the air after I successfully did my first load with my homemade washing powder! Yep, natural alternatives inspire and excite me 🙂 It is so simple and easy to do. It honestly takes only approx 15-20mins to mix up. All the ingredients are easily obtained and best of all, it is extremely safe and gentle.

Here is my Homemade Washing Powder recipe….

grated coconut oil soap

1 bar of coconut oil soap.

I obviously make soap 🙂 so I used a bar of old coconut oil soap I had floating around.  Whatever soap you do choose to use, make sure it is made predominately of coconut oil as this oil is super cleansing. Olive oil is ok also but you don’t want to use any soap that has soft oils (eg; avocado, macadamia, sweet almond etc) or butters (eg; shea, cocoa, mango) in it or this won’t work as well for this recipe. The butters and softer oils don’t have the same cleansing properties that coconut oil does and it won’t give you the best washing result.

I plan on making 100% Coconut Oil soap and having it available for sale for sole purpose of including in homemade washing powder recipes. I’ll update this post once it is available for purchase…as I need to make some more!


borax and washing soda


1 bag of Washing Soda

1 tub of Borax

2-3 tablespoons of Bi-Carb Soda 

The last 3 items can be purchased from most supermarkets.





How to make it……

grating soap



  • Grate the soap using a cheese grater. One bar normally gives 1 cup of grated soap.
  • Pour the entire bag of Washing Soda and entire container of Borax plus 2-3 tablespoons of Bi-Carb Soda together in a large bowl and mix ingredients together well.
  • You could add essential oils at this point. I left my unscented. You could try tea tree, rosemary, lemon, lime or pine.





mixing in food processor



  • Place the grated soap into a food processor and blend. This is to ensure the soap is grated super finely and therefore easily dissolved in the load of washing.
  • Then add this super grated soap to the powder mixture. Stir well. I then put the entire mixture back in the food processor for a whiz to ensure everything is mixed together really well.





How to store & use:

I put my homemade washing powder into an old washing powder container box for ease of dispensing and am using the scoop from that container. I’ll put it into a nice pretty mason jar…when I find one.

1 to 1 & 1/2 scoops of washing powder per load is normally enough. I do like to dissolve the washing powder before putting into the machine. You could just toss it in but I personally like to dissolve the washing powder beforehand and then pour into the load. Simply mix it up in an old jar, shake and then pour into the load as the water is filling up.

As mentioned above, after making this recipe I am going to have 100% Coconut Oil soap available for sale on my site. For the purpose of using it in this washing powder recipe ~ that’s how much I love this stuff! I will update this post once the Coconut Oil soap is available for purchase.

Our washing machine is a top loader so I am yet to test the recipe on a front loader washing machine. Having said that though, a lot of homemade washing powder recipes out there that contain the same ingredients as this and have used it in a front loader with no trouble.

Have you made homemade washing powder before?

Yes? I would love to hear your thoughts or perhaps you have a favourite washing powder concoction to share?


Until next time,

Michelle x

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