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How many times a week do you do it?

How many times a week do you do it?

Exfoliate….how many times a week do you exfoliate ~ What did you think I was talking about lol!

So you cleanse your skin, perhaps tone and most definitely moisturize, please tell me you moisturise, keep that replenishment up, it’s important 🙂 BUT do you exfoliate, or scrub??  Ummmm…..

If you include the regular step of exfoliating your skin to your skincare regime, you will see a noticeable improvement in your skins texture and tone. Exfoliating is a very beneficial thing to do but you can overdo it too and you can exfoliate too aggressively too.  Just use the exfoliation cream in the same manner you would a cleanser (avoiding the eye area though) and you’ll soon be on your way to refined, clearer more even looking skin.  Depending on your skin type up, exfoliating up to 3 times a week is fine.

I love how my skin feels after I exfoliate.  It really helps to give your skin that extra deep cleanse, it helps to unblock pores and gently whisks away impurities and most importantly shifts and removes dead skin cells leaving a healthier, renewed complexion.

I’ve created two skin nourishing facial exfoliation creams that I know you will love!

Our Black Clay Facial Scrub and the Pink Clay Scrub pink clay scrub mixing with text


These facial scrubs are handmade using two different nourishing clays, both known for their incredible cleansing, soothing and balancing properties. Pink clay and Black clay.

We have also included nourishing sweet almond and skin loving jojoba oils.

The exfoliation action comes from the finely ground pumice stone. These give a gentle yet effective exfoliation and each scrub contains a unique blend of skin loving pure essential oils help balance, tone and soothe the skin.


Regular use of a Facial Scrub will keep your skin looking fresh, toned and clear from impurities.

Facial scrubs…

  • Gently yet effectively deeply cleanse and polish the skin.
  • Help to rebalance and tone the skin.
  • Are refreshing and hydrating for the skin.
  • Leave the skin feeling smoothing and rejuvenated.

essential oils for pink clay scrub with text


Our facial scrubs are jam packed full of healthy, non-toxic ingredients bursting with vitamins and minerals known for their spectacular cleansing, exfoliating and conditioning properties.

The scrubby part of this product is the finely ground pumice stone, which when washed down the drain will not have any adverse impact on our friends in the ocean 🙂

All you’re left with is skin feeling cleansed, nourished, fresh and clear.



So…how often do you do it?  once a week, 3 times a week, hardly ever. Believe me, when you exfoliate you feel refreshed, super cleansed and polished. Regularly exfoliate and your skin will be glowing with renewed freshness before you know it.

Any questions about exfoliating? how often? want to know more about the ingredients I use?

Ask away – I’d love to hear from you!


Until next time,

Michelle x x

Michelle SEED 2012



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