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Difference between Fragrant Oils and Essential Oils

Difference between Fragrant Oils and Essential Oils 


Is there really a difference between Fragrant Oils and Essential Oils?  The answer my friend is a very big, YES!

The main difference between the two is that one is a synthetic mixed substance (fragrant oil) the other is 100% natural substance (essential oil).

Fragrant oils offer no therapeutic value, essential oils however, do 🙂


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Fragrant oils can be a total synthetic mixture or a blend composed of essential oils, synthetic aroma chemicals, and aromatic resins.

The most important thing to remember with fragrant oils are that they are never a 100% natural ingredient.

Yes, they may be “safe” but do not confuse this statement with them being a natural option.


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Fragrant Oils do not have to have a full ingredients disclosure; so simply putting “fragrance” on an ingredient list is acceptable.

Pretty broad when you take into consideration there are over 3500 materials (aroma chemicals, essential oils and essential oil components) that are approved for use in fragrance oils.  To those who are prone to have allergic reactions or otherwise sensitive people, synthetic fragrances are a less desirable choice than plant-derived essential oils as components of aroma.




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Essential oils are highly complex substances which can contain over 300 separate components. They are typically described as the natural aromatic essence of the plant. I like to think of an essential oil liquid being equivalent to our bloodstream. All plants have tiny sacs which contain volatile oils, these oils are used by each plant in different ways. Some oils attract insects for pollination or for food (eg lavender) some are used for defence (eg; clove) and others act as medicinal oils for the plant (eg: tea tree).



Oils can be extracted from the plant by a variety of methods. The most common are: cold expression from the peel and steam distillation.  Essential oils can be processed from various parts of a plant, giving a different essential oil from each part. eg; with orange the peel is cold pressed for Bitter Orange essential oil, the leaves and twigs are steam distilled for Pettigrain essential oil and the flowers are steam distilled for Neroli essential oil.



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Essential oils are not unlike wines in one aspect.  There can be a difference in an essential oil that comes from the same plant species but that are grown in different locations. This is due to differing soil conditions, seasonal changes and also differences in distillation equipment and techniques.  As you can appreciate there is a rich diversity with essential oils.





I hope this post helps you understand the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils.  They really are two very different substances. Obviously, I favour essential oils for their purity, therapeutic value, because they are a natural and organic substance and simply offer so many valuable properties we can benefit from.

Can you tell the different between fragrant oils and essential oils?   Did you know there was a difference between the two?  Do you have a favourite essential oil that you love to use?  I personally love lavender essential oil.  It is such a versatile essential oil that has so much therapeutic value. It is a great one to reach for…it is invaluable to use skincare as suits all skin types, great to diffuse when you have a cold as it helps with respiratory problems, it’s lovely aroma is ideal to include in a relaxing massage oil, it helps relieve pain, enhance blood circulation, can assist with healing burns and wounds, helps promote restful sleep and is known to reduce anxiety and stress…..told you it was good! 😉


Thanks for reading, until next time…bye for now.

Michelle x

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