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Category Archives: Skincare

Tips to reduce pigmentation

how to clear pigmentation

Tips to reduce Pigmentation  Some call it pigmentation, melasma, chloasma, hyper-pigmentation, the mask of pregnancy, call it what you will. When you have it – it sucks, it sucks big time!!  Trust me, I know as I have struggled with pigmentation on my face for years and years and years. In my early 20s I had […]

What does Your Skincare Regime look like?

skincare routine

What does your Skincare Regime look like?  People often ask me….what’s the best product I can use to achieve this or that.  My reply to their desire and want for the ever clear complexion is by asking a variety of questions.  I ask about their current lifestyle habits and their current skincare regime.  Sometimes I […]

Wonderful Clay

Wonderful Clay.  There are so many reasons we love to use clay in our soap and skincare preparations. They are brimming with minerals and nutrients. They are non-toxic, pure and natural. Each different colour clay has different properties and can help different skin concerns. Some hydrate, soften or smooth. Others detox, purify and cleanse. While […]

5 Fabulous foods to put in your Tummy and in your Skincare.

5 Fabulous foods to put in your Tummy and in your Skincare.  The quest to maintain smooth, radiant, glowing skin can sometimes be a challenge.  The most natural way to achieve and maintain consistently good looking and feeling skin is by adopting a holistic approach to health and well-being that enriches and nourishes us. This […]

Difference between Fragrant Oils and Essential Oils

Difference between Fragrant Oils and Essential Oils    Is there really a difference between Fragrant Oils and Essential Oils?  The answer my friend is a very big, YES! The main difference between the two is that one is a synthetic mixed substance (fragrant oil) the other is 100% natural substance (essential oil). Fragrant oils offer […]

How many times a week do you do it?

How many times a week do you do it? Exfoliate….how many times a week do you exfoliate ~ What did you think I was talking about lol! So you cleanse your skin, perhaps tone and most definitely moisturize, please tell me you moisturise, keep that replenishment up, it’s important 🙂 BUT do you exfoliate, or […]

Antiperspirant or Natural Deodorant?

Does the thought of parting with your 48 hour protection, invisible dry, anti-white marks, clinically proven, trusty underarm roll on or spray antiperspirant sound too scary for words?!     Antiperspirants and deodorants have been on our shelves for over 50 years so you, like most of the population have been using that sweet smelling, double strength antiperspirant for years and your […]

What does “Artisan” mean to you?

The term “Artisan” will possibly mean different things to different people. For me, I conjure up thoughts of a craftsman with well worn hands, think a jeweller or shoemaker and associate the word with something of high quality and low in volume production.  Perhaps even a family tradition, handed down over generations….