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Category Archives: Skincare

Oil Cleansing Method

The Oil Cleansing Method – explained Have you heard of the Oil Cleansing Method? It is a simple yet very effective regime that uses 100% natural and chemical free ingredients, it’s vegan and cruelty free and best of all, it really does work!  Oil Cleansing is beneficial for skin of all ages, all types and […]

The Power of Tea Tree

The Power of Tea Tree A little bit of history about Tea tree oil, a classic Australian native botanical.  The Tea Tree plant has been used for centuries by our indigenous people for colds, flues, sores and infections.  One method of use was through inhalation – by heating rocks and then placing the hot rocks […]

Are you using the right moisturiser for your skin type?

Are you using the right moisturiser for your skin type? Moisturisers – there’s lotions, creams, balms, oils, gels. Some are light weight, medium weight, heavier with a thicker and creamy consistency. Whether your skin is normal, dry, combination, oily, ageing, damaged, sensitive – whatever your skin type, you should most definitely be using a moisturiser.  […]

What is a toner anyway?

what is a toner

What is a toner anyway?  What is a toner? Should I be using one? and if so, why should I use it?   Toners (or tonic water as it was originally called) were designed to be used after cleansing the face. It’s purpose to remove any cleanser residue or anything else that the cleanser didn’t […]

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Ageing

skin deep

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Ageing What’s the difference? What do they actually mean? Ageing is a part of life. Hopefully we all get to live to a ripe old age one day! but lets slow the process of ageing in a beauty sense down as fast and naturally possible as we can! 🙂 The health of […]

3 benefits of drinking lemon water

lemon water

3 benefits of drinking Lemon Water.  I cannot remember who told me it was a healthy thing to do? but I do remember that it was a long time ago, close to 20 years ago actually!  & I have been squeezing lemon juice (approx 1-2 tablespoons) into a glass of water on and off every […]

Does Eye Cream make a difference?

organic eye cream

Does Eye Cream make a difference? We’ve all heard the Eye Cream promises. Seen the miracle product advertised telling us how it will reduce or dare I say, erase the signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and bags.  Oh wow! Take my money, where is this miracle cream?? Can I have a […]

3 Simple Winter Lifestyle Skin Care Tips

lifestyle skincare tips

3 Simple Winter Lifestyle Skin Care Tips  Whenever the cool creeps in I can feel my body slowing down. Wanting to stay indoors, cover up and basically I’m just not as active as I am during the warmer months. While Winter is not my favourite season I have learnt to embrace it. How? Making some simple […]