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Bushfire help, healing and connecting.

Bushfire help, healing and connecting.

I’m officially back on deck after a couple of weeks break over Christmas/New Year but the current climate crisis is certainly testing me to continue on with ‘business as usual”.

My heart and soul go out to our country and communities and the immeasurable lose they are experiencing on so many levels right now. No words cannot express how I feel.

Our sacred, precious land and communities are in survival mode and need our help to survive, rebuild and flourish again.  There are so many wonderful organisations that we can donate to.
I have listed some further below for you.

I have personally donated to the Red Cross and during January and February 2020 I will be donating $5.00 from each Clay Mask that is sold toward the Kangaroo Islands koalas & wildlife fund.
Help Save Kangaroo Islands Koalas and Wildlife fund 

I have chosen this product in particular because I feel such a deep connection directly with the land whenever I use these clays. The natural abundance of minerals in these clays is incredible and their healing abilities are amazing.
It is my intention that with each Clay Mask sold that the new owner energetically connects with Australia whenever they use it.
Think of the clay as a tangible link helping to strengthen the love and respect we all have for our land and each other. Every time the clay is used this powerful message is transmuted back into the Earth.
We are all energy and we are all connected.

If you feel called to help, here are just some links I’d like to share of associations that are collecting very much needed funds:



  • The World Wildlife Fund accepts donations to help support conservation activities, particularly related to koalas. Money can help provide emergency care during bush fires.  https://donate.wwf.org.au/donate#gs.qp1dt7


  • Animal emergency relief organisation SAVEM – South Australian Veterinarian Emergency Management – is taking donations, with massive losses predicted for wildlife and livestock on Kangaroo Island. https://www.savem.org.au/


  • WIRES – Wildlife Rescue – this organisation actively rehabilitates and preserves Australian wildlife and inspires others to do the same. Click here on how to donate to WIRES

So many selfless humans are working around the clock volunteering, rescuing, protecting, caring, rehabilitating and supporting all of our communities.  Thank you so much.
The power of humanity will see us through this.
I pray our beautiful native animals will be back in the wild where their homes are and people can begin rebuilding their lives.

Yours in health and wellness,
Michelle x x