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How many times a week do you do it?

How many times a week do you do it? Exfoliate….how many times a week do you exfoliate ~ What did you think I was talking about lol! So you cleanse your skin, perhaps tone and most definitely moisturize, please tell me you moisturise, keep that replenishment up, it’s important ūüôā BUT do you exfoliate, or […]

Palm Oil – how it sneaks into your products.

Palm Oil – how it sneaks into your products. It is estimated that approx. 50% of the packaged products found¬†on¬†our supermarket shelves have palm oil in them. Palm oil is widely used in skincare products, food, cleaning products, cosmetics and most packaged foods. To meet this wide and ever increasing demand for palm oil, natural […]

Natural Toilet Cleaner Recipe

I am on the rampage to¬†replace¬†the cleaning products around¬†our home to natural, chemical free alternatives. First stop, the smallest room in the house. I went to clean the toilet today.¬† Off I go and¬†grabbed the Toilet Duck and started squirting, scrubbing¬†away.¬†Ewwww I thought, yes, cleaning the dunny is not my fav cleaning job but another […]

What will you change in 2016?

I love¬†January ~¬†a new month ~¬†a new year ~¬†a fresh start full of new beginnings. It‚Äôs warm and sunny,¬†many people are on¬†holidays, it’s beach weather, there’s time relaxing at home with family ~¬†ahhh, I love it all! I‚Äôm all ready to leap into 2016 but as I eagerly go about setting my goals, cleaning up […]

Antiperspirant or Natural Deodorant?

Does¬†the thought of parting with your 48 hour protection, invisible dry, anti-white marks, clinically proven, trusty¬†underarm roll on or spray antiperspirant sound too scary for words?! ¬†¬†¬† Antiperspirants and deodorants have been on our shelves for over 50 years so you, like most of the population¬†have¬†been¬†using that¬†sweet smelling, double strength antiperspirant for years and your […]

What does “Artisan” mean to you?

The term “Artisan” will possibly mean different¬†things to different people.¬†For me, I conjure up thoughts of a craftsman with well worn hands, think a jeweller or shoemaker and associate the word¬†with¬†something of high quality and low in volume production.¬† Perhaps¬†even a¬†family tradition,¬†handed down over generations….