This Beauty Nutrition Package would be ideal for you if…
  • Are noticing signs of ageing creeping up and want to slow this process naturally. 
  • Have spots, acne and blemishes that are difficult to clear.
  • Have a lack luster, tired complexion, or skin concerns that just won’t improve.
  • Try and be healthy but find it hard to get in all your daily fruit & veg regularly. 
  • You’d love to look and feel better from the inside out. 
  • Would like to switch to natural skincare products but unsure where to start. 
  • You feel tired and would love more energy. 
  • You’d like to decrease your sugar cravings. 
  • Would like better quality sleep & boost your natural immunity. 

Great looking skin is an inside and outside job. When you adopt a holistic approach to beauty and well-being you see and feel results much quicker and they are sustainable and long lasting when chosen as a lifestyle choice.

That is what our Beauty Nutrition Packages are all about – using a holistic approach.  

Its not complicated changes to your day, in fact quite the opposite, they are simple yet highly effective changes.  They are small changes that get the noticeable results you have been searching for!

The BERRY BEAUTIFUL SKIN package includes: 

  • 4 month supply of Berry Nutritional Capsules, complete with 15 berry varieties which gives you incredible antioxidant benefits improving the health and appearance of your skin, including reducing the signs of ageing. 
  • Access to the SEED skincare VIP Facebook group – this is where you’ll receive all the Beauty Nutrition insider tips and advice, professional skincare advice, exclusive offers, giveaways and much more. 
  • Access to the JBT Group (Juicy Body Transformation) –  this is where you have access to bonuses such as delicious healthy recipes, optional challenges, workout plans, meal plans, 

PLUS these 2 BONUSES!!


Bonus 1 – $40.00 worth of *SEED skincare products for FREE – 50ml bottles of a cleanser, floral water & moisturiser suitable for your skin type.

Bonus 2 – a SEED skincare 15% discount voucher to use when shopping online with us. 

* FREE seed skincare product offer only valid once per customer per package. 






How long does the Package go for? 
The Beauty Nutrition Packages run in line with the Nutritional Capsules supply, 4 months duration.

You can take part in a Beauty Nutrition Package at any time that suits you.  Once you are on-board you get lifetime access to both the JBT group and SEED skincare VIP group and reap the benefits that each of these groups offer.

How much does this package cost? 
One payment or 4 monthly payments.  

One payment of $190.30 AUD or 4 x $45.10 AUD p/month.

*additional one off freight cost not included/shipped automatically every 4 months unless you cancel at the end of the 4 months. 


In summary, this package, (like all of our packages) is incredible value on offer for you. It is a fantastically simple yet effective way toward a greener, healthier you that you will feel on the inside and see on the outside. 

Want to know more? Please get in touch here with your queries, I’d be more than happy to go through any queries you have.

Want to get started? Great!  I would love to have you on-board and help you on your Beauty Nutrition journey to healthy, great looking skin!  Get in touch here and I’ll get back to you ASAP with the next steps. 

Michelle x x