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Benefits of Facial Steaming


There are many easy at-home beauty treatments you can do that will improve the tone, texture and appearance of your skin. Giving yourself a DIY mask once a week, doing bi-weekly exfoliation or a weekly facial steaming are just a few excellent ways to create a self-care for you and your skin, on top of your daily skincare regime. 

Today we’ll talk about facial steaming. 

Have you steamed your face before?  If you’ve been for a professional facial, steaming would have been a step in the facial process.

A basic steam involves just water and your skin, it is super easy!  It’s easily done at home and when carried out regularly you’ll notice a great improvement to your appearance and condition of your skin.  

Most skin types can benefit from facial steaming however it is not recommended for those with sensitive skin, rosacea or other irritated skin conditions. 

Facial steaming enhances the blood circulation in the skin, it helps to remove toxins, helps soften the skin which makes it easy to lift debris out of blocked pores. It is a super relaxing treatment. After a facial steam your skin will better absorb skincare products as it is thoroughly clean and clear. Steaming gives your skin a lovely healthy glow largely due to the enhanced circulation and blood flow. 

Facial steaming is particularly helpful for those with concerns of pimples, blackheads, blemished, congested skin. The warm steam coming in contact with the skin helps to soften and relax the skin and this helps to gently loosen stubborn, blocked pores which will allow for extractions to be carried out easily and effectively without force causing no skin trauma.

How do I steam my face?

Precautions first:  While this may seem obvious to many, I will mention it – please take care when doing this treatment, take care to not spill the bowl of water as it is HOT!!   I do not recommend doing a facial steam with small children around. It’s best done without any distractions. 

Here’s how you facial steam…..

  • Pour boiling water into a large bowl.
  • Place the bowl on a heat proof mat with a towel nearby.
  • Hold your (already cleansed) face over the bowl of steaming water as close as you practically can. 
  • I like to cover my head with a towel so to capture all of the steam coming from the bowl, this allows for a really good, even steam to occur. 
  • Keep holding your face over the steam for about 5-10 minutes. Move your face as need be to feel the steam touch all areas of your face.
  • If steaming to clear blemished areas focus on the areas of concern, ensuring the stream reaches these parts of your face eg; cheekbones, chin, nose and forehead.  
  • Keep your eyes closed, breathe deeply and slowly, allowing the heat to penetrate your face and relax your skin. 
  • 10 minutes is plenty of time, don’t steam your face for too long OR get too close to the hot water.
  • The heat can cause inflammation if exposure is too high so use your judgement, if it feels too hot and steamy for you to tolerate, wait a bit for the water to cool down slightly or if the towel is uncomfortable whilst steaming, remove it (although it is best using the towel to capture the steam evenly). 
  • It shouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all, warm steam is required to get the most benefit out of this treatment. 
Once the 10 minutes is up, rinse your face with water warm and flannel, using the water in the bowl is ideal as it would have cooled down by this point. 
You may notice any some congested pimples and/or blemishes may look like they have “opened up” after you have completed the steam and debris has come to the surface. 
What has actually happened is the skin has relaxed and this has helped dirt trapped within the pore to loosen and surface.   This is a good thing, using the flannel, gently wipe away the debris, rinse and cleanse clean.  
Gently towel dry. 
Your skin will most likely be feeling extra invigorated, so do not rub harshly with the flannel or towel, gently does it. 
Once skin is dry, apply your facial oil and/or facial moisturiser. 
There you have it!  Facial steaming. Try steaming your face once a week for a month and see how your skin progresses. I am sure your skin will respond well to it. 
Adding a drop or two of essential oils is a great addition to a facial steam. Simply add 1-2 drops of essential oil (eg lavender or tea tree) to the water and feel the infusion to your skin. It’s very beneficial on many levels, relaxing, purifying, cleansing, balancing and regenerating. Love to hear how you go with it. Any questions at all, reach out, happy to help! 
Thanks for reading, until next time, love the skin you are in. 
Michelle x x