Aborigines have used AUSTRALIAN CLAYS since ancient time for sacred healing & ceremonial purposes.  They are free from toxins, making them pure and gentle. I use these superior clays in my handmade soaps and body products to give them a fantastic natural colour plus they have the added bonus of brilliant skin rejuvenating properties.

Black Australian Clay (Magnetite) contains great iron and oxygen properties. It is a non-toxic mineral with cleansing and conditioning agents, which make it particularly good for nourishing the skin.

Olive Green Australian Clay (Kaolin) is the strongest of all clays and is best for detoxification and acne prone and oily skin. The minerals in the clay help to rebalance oil flow, strengthen skin, and act as an aid for repairing scars.

Pastel Pink Australian Clay (Kaolin, Iron Oxides) is perfect for balancing stressed and sensitive skin, as it creates a youthful appearance with ultimate hydration and skin firmness. Its hydrating properties help to refine delicate lines, moisturise and improve the overall texture of the skin

Red Australian Clay (Hematite, Kaolin, Iron Hydroxide Oxide, Gibbsite) has a high content of iron and essential minerals to help replenish and regenerate the epidermis of the skin to create softened and conditioned skin with a healthy glow.

Washed Blue Australian Clay (Bentonite) is used for washing away impurities. It is used in the treatment of oily and problematic skin as it regulates sebum flow, cleanses hair follicles and dissolves impurities on the skin.

Yellow Australian Clay (Kaolin) is great for gently exfoliating & cleansing your skin, toning & strengthening connective tissues, stimulating blood circulation, drawing out toxins & superfluous fat, and hydrating, nourishing & feeding your skin, without leaving it feeling dry or tight.

White Austrailian Clay ( Kaolin) soft and gentle, silky to use, ideal for children and the elderly.


The NATIVE AUSTRALIAN BOTANICALS of the Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly Berry and Quandong are rich in skin-protective anti-oxidants, you’ll find all of these botanicals in the SEED skincare range.

Lilly Pilly – is a summer flowering evergreen tree, belonging to the Myrtle family, Myrtaceae.

Botanical Name: Syzigium australe

Kakadu Plum – a native Australian tree found exclusively in the NT and around Arnhem Land.

Botanical Name: Terminalia ferdinandiana

Quandong – a desert tree from the Sandalwood family, found in waterless areas of all Ausralian states.

Botanical Name: Santalum acuminatum