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3 Simple Winter Lifestyle Skin Care Tips

lifestyle skincare tips

3 Simple Winter Lifestyle Skin Care Tips 

Whenever the cool creeps in I can feel my body slowing down. Wanting to stay indoors, cover up and basically I’m just not as active as I am during the warmer months. While Winter is not my favourite season I have learnt to embrace it. How? Making some simple modifications to my diet & exercise has helped a lot. Simple tweaks to these get me through this season. Appreciation of the change of seasons through mindfulness. The simple act of acknowledging the beauty that lies within the seasonal changes that nature goes through is really special. Notice the difference in the trees, their leaves, the flowers, the sunset and sunrise. Nature is so inspiring and grounding and connecting with it can bring you clarity and perspective.

I find Winter is a great time to maintain or develop a consistent skincare regime. This includes daily cleansing, toning and moisturising, a regular skincare regime is so good for your skin and a healthy habit for great looking & feeling skin.  Time is precious, we never seem to have enough time in each day so I appreciate lengthy skin care rituals are not typically a must-do on peoples agendas.  I you can find just a bit of extra time for these quick and very effective skin care practices you and skin will be very thankful.  How about giving yourself 15 minute to experience a nourishing mask every fortnight, OR take 15 minutes to relish in a facial steam to rejuvenate your skin OR once a week give yourself a deep Oil Cleanse OR how about soaking your feet in a foot bath with Epsom salts or magnesium salts for 20 minutes to really regenerate and rejuvenate your soul.  You deserve it, I hope you can find the time to enjoy some extra self care this Winter.

Nurturing and protecting your skin during Winter with natural skincare products is a fabulous step to achieving your healthiest skin. Here are 3 simple everyday lifestyle habits to be mindful of (in addition to your skincare regime) that will keep your skin looking it’s healthiest glowing best this Winter.


1) HYDRATE – We all know this one don’t we. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help maintain that luminous, glowing complexion.   That’s 8 glasses of Water my friends.
Not 3 coffees, 2 wines + 3 waters = 8  . Sorry to be the party pooper!
Keep your main hydration source to good old delicious water.
Herbal tea is a great Winter beverage to enjoy when you want to warm up and feel nourished.  Think chamomile, rosehip, peppermint, ginger, lemon, mint, chai – so much variety!
Warm water with lemon juice upon rising is fabulous too, a great way to start your day, cleanse your body first thing and get your metabolism on the right track for the day.

2) NOURISH –  it makes sense to alter your diet to suit the season. Eating fruits and veggies that are in season is a great step toward connecting with nature.  Winter is the perfect time to enjoy plenty of warm, nourishing foods that fuel your body & soul. Think wholesome soups & broths, roast veggies, lentil burgers and delicious warm porridge in the mornings to get your body feeling satisfied and strong during Winter.  Your skin will feel warm and comforted by eating these heartwarming foods during the colder months too. Explore with making your own stock from scratch and creating tasty curry pastes by exploring with the abundance of spices and herbs available.

This pic is of one of our fav Winter dishes being cooked up, Aloo Gobi. Potatoes, cauliflower, coconut milk with plenty of warming spice such as Spices of Garam Marsala, cumin, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, cinnamon & cardamon are used as is fresh turmeric and ginger. Such a delicious vegetarian dish that is so warming and tasty, the whole family loves this meal.

3) KEEP ACTIVE – OK, I know it’s hard, very hard to keep the body active during the colder months. Last thing we feel like doing at the end of the day is hitting the gym, a warm dinner indoors and some relaxation time with family sounds pretty good.  I have always found the best time to exercise is in the morning.  Aim for 3 times a week, that is a realistic goal that will give results.

Keep those muscles surrounding your bones strong by keeping your muscles moving and active. Simple activities such as going for a walk, playing in the playground with the kids, going for a bike ride, doing a hot yoga class (ahhhh my fav, just brilliant during Winter!) do some stretches in front of the telly at night, jump off the lounge, lie on the floor and stretch, it feels so good and is a great thing to do before bed.

It doesn’t have to take much.

Just 15-30mins a day x 3 times a week can make a difference.

Your body will thank you for it when it comes to Springtime and it’s time to shed the layers of clothing to welcome in that Springtime sun on your body! 🙂





So that’s just 3 simple lifestyle habits you can adopt this Winter to keep not only your skin but your mind, body and soul feeling and looking it’s best.

Do you have any simple lifestyle skin care habits that have helped balance and harmonise you during the seasonal change? Would love to hear them!

Wishing you an abundance of good health and happiness.

Until next time,

Michelle x x












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