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3 benefits of drinking lemon water

lemon water

3 benefits of drinking Lemon Water. 

I cannot remember who told me it was a healthy thing to do? but I do remember that it was a long time ago, close to 20 years ago actually!  & I have been squeezing lemon juice (approx 1-2 tablespoons) into a glass of water on and off every morning for 20 years. There have been periods of time throughout my life when I haven’t had my daily lemon water and my body has noticed it’s absence when I skipped it.  

So why is it so beneficial? 

Well I am no scientist so I can only share my personal observations when I have regularly drunk lemon water and compared it to the times when it’s been not as consistent in my life.  

** If you are on medication and considering including a daily lemon water to your daily routine I do recommend you consult your GP first as some acidic things can effect medication absorption.  

Plain water is of course the best hydration our bodies can be fueled with so obviously consume that delicious beverage freely.  If you are interested in creating holistic healthy skin care habits and want to start feeling and looking better through diet changes then lemon water in the morning will help you achieve this goal greatly.  As with the introduction of anything new, please allow some time to pass before you can expect to see and feel results.  I recommend committing to drinking a glass of daily lemon water for at least 3-4 weeks, over this time you should definitely begin to see and feel some positive changes inside and out. 

1-2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice into a glass, filled with pure room temperature water and you are good to go! I actually brush my teeth first and then down my lemon water. Yes, it’s can be a bit full on at first but you’ll learn to love your morning cleanse and once you start to notice the benefits you’ll never go a morning without it! 

My daily ritual of lemon water has seen the following benefits for me. 

  1. It helps keeps you regular. Yep, let’s get this bit of TMI done first! They say drinking lemon water can help get your digestive system moving and for me personally, I can certainly say that it does just that. I like to think of it as my daily natural laxative to help prevent constipation. We all know that healthy bowel movement is crucial to good health and this simple habit of a glass of daily lemon water keeps your bowels in tip top condition.  Ayurvedic medicine believes the lemon taste helps stimulate your “agni” and a strong agni gives the digestive system a boost and therefore helps food digest easily and helps prevent toxin buildup. Bottoms up! 
  2.  It helps keeps you trim.  I can honestly say I feel a whole lot trimmer and lighter when I have been consuming lemon water regularly.  Periods of time in my life when I have skipped it I have felt more bloated and just heavier in general.  Then back onto the lemon water again and a couple of weeks later I am feeling that nice lightness again.  The point above re; digestion, makes sense to work in harmony with this theory.
  3. It helps promotes healthy skin.  Being the natural skincare advocate that I am I believe that this is very true.  Lemons are naturally full of antioxidants and vitamin C, which are perfect for helping protect our skin against free radicals.  These natural antioxidant properties help to effectively combat those free radicals and help remove them from your body. A daily dose of lemon water is a great way to keep our antioxidant supply replenished and keep those free radicals under control. Eating foods naturally rich in vitamins and minerals is a great step to keeping your up antioxidant level. If you are interested in keeping your skin looking and feeling naturally vibrant and healthy, consuming and using antioxidant rich foods and products is key.  Think of antioxidants as our skincare warriors who keep the battle won against any free-radical damage to our skin.  That’s why eating a diet full of fresh healthy foods is so beneficial to maintaining healthy skin and processed, packaged foods are not. People with concerns of acne, scarring and ageing would benefit greatly by drinking lemon water as part of their morning routine. Apart from helping with getting on top of those free radicals, lemon water also naturally cleanses toxic materials from your blood and therefore keeps the skin clear and radiant.  The Vitamin C from the lemon will give your skin a nourishing and rejuvenating internal facial. Practicing mindful choices toward what we consume is a great step toward achieving your healthiest, glowing skin. Being mindful of what you eat, drink, say and do.  Because when we are mindful, we exercise our consciousness and are fully aware of our actions and will in turn make wonderful, positive actions.  Because it is all the little changes that ultimately serve you and deliver you your best long term benefits.


I am so very thankful we have a beautiful large lemon tree in our backyard, that fruits almost all year round. No excuse for me to skip my daily lemon water is there! 

These two pics are Allira and I a couple of years ago collecting lemons and also some spinach from our garden. 






Do you drink lemon water?  Love to hear if you do and your thoughts.

May your day be abundant and full of all things healthy and happy. Here’s cheers to daily lemon water.

Thanks so much for reading – until next time,

Michelle x x




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